In the last few years, my research activity led me to work in collaboration with different research groups.

National collaborators

International collaborators

  • Dr. Rory Devine School of Psychology, University of Birmingham, UK; website
  • Prof. Claire Hughes, Centre for Family Research, University of Cambridge, UK; website
  • Prof. Floris van Vugt, University of Montreal, CA; website
  • Prof. Robin Banerjee, University of Sussex, UK; website
  • Dr. Christopher Osterhaus, Faculty of Education and Social Sciences, University of Vechta, DE; website
  • Prof. Victoria Talwar, McGill University, CA; website

Members of the LASC lab

  • Prof. Gabriele Chierchia, Unipv
  • Luca Ronchi, Phd
  • Chiara Basile, doctoral student
  • Serena Stagnitto, doctoral student
  • Angelica Manzi, doctoral student
  • Giulia Arenare, doctoral student